03 - Direct vs. Indirect Datum Structures

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Lesson 3 of 12: Direct vs. Indirect Datum Structures

This 50 minute CD-ROM or DVD explores various datum structures and their effect on the availability of tolerances while tolerancing a three-part assembly. Topics discussed include

• Direct vs. Indirect Functional Relationships
• Tolerancing for Producibility and Functionality
• The Goal of Datums in Inspection and Assembly
• How to Choose between Datum Structures
• How to Mathematically Calculate the Feasibility of Various Datum Schemes
• Consistency in Geometric Controls from Part to Part in an Assembly
• Weighing One Geometric Control Against Another for Suitability
• How to Spot Similarities in Dissimilar Part Configurations
• How to Lower Cost without Adversely Affecting Functionality and Ability to Assemble Mating Features
• Comparison of Coaxiality Controls and How to Choose Between Them

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