05 - Allowed vs. Actual Deviation from True Position

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Lesson 5 of 12: Allowed vs. Actual Deviation from True Position: Bonus Tolerancing and Virtual Condition Boundaries

This 38 minute CD-ROM or DVD uses imagery and storytelling to convey the functional reasons behind the growth of geometric tolerance zones as features are produced at varying sizes. It covers the logic of the concept of Maximum Material Condition and the functional worst mating boundaries created and protected. This session is a combination of calculations to determine how far from perfect a feature has been produced versus how far from geometric perfection it may stray before it fails to function. Topics discussed include:

• Calculating Bonus Tolerances
• How to Read a Feature Control Frame to Determine Part Function
• Calculating Actual Deviation from True Position
• Determining if Features have Violated their Geometric Tolerances
• Assessing Spherical Features for Compliance with Spherical Tolerance Zones
• Protecting Virtual Condition Boundaries
• How Additional Geometric Tolerances Derived from Feature Size Limits Relate to Worst Mating Condition Boundaries

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