07 - Tolerancing Fixed Fastener Assemblies and Calculating Boundaries

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Lesson 7 of 12: Tolerancing Fixed Fastener Assemblies and Calculating Boundaries

This 52 minute CD-ROM or DVD helps the viewer to become comfortable with calculating geometric tolerances for mating features in fixed fastener assemblies. It shows all pertinent formulas and relates the process of part tolerancing and geometric control sequencing to manufacturing and gaging procedures. As with almost every session in this series, this session is completely applications-based. The participant learns by doing. Topics discussed include:

• Calculating Geometric Tolerances for Mating Features in Assemblies
• How to Relate the Job of Tolerancing to Manufacturing Procedures
• How to Design Gages to Inspect Geometric Part Definitions
• How Visualizing Gages Can Help to Understand Functionality
• How to Read Feature Control Frames as though they were Sentences Describing How Parts Function
• Shifting Patterns of Mating Features vs. Growing Tolerance Zone Sizes
• Fixed Fastener Situations and How to Tolerance them
• How to Rework Parts to bring Them into Tolerance

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