08 - Tolerancing Floating Fastener Assemblies With Two Single Segment Positional Controls

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Lesson 8 of 12: Tolerancing Floating Fastener Assemblies With Two Single-Segment Positional Controls

This 48 minute CD-ROM or DVD focuses on the logic of datum feature selection and the cost-effective use of multi-level positional controls. Using a floating fastener assembly with radial hole patterns, Mr. Meadows introduces the methodical process of applying deductive reasoning to optimize geometric product definition. Topics discussed include:

• What a Floating Fastener Situation Is
• How to Calculate the Tolerances
• Selecting the Best Datum Features
• The Four Criteria for Datum Selection
• Line Geometry/Relating Axes Radially to a Datum Axis for Angle and Distance
• Considering All Spatial Degrees of Freedom
• Rotation and Translation of Axes
• Implied vs. Specified Datums
• Datums for Ease of Part Setup during Inspection
• The Logical Selection of Each Geometric Control and Datum Feature for Ease of Manufacture
• Geometric Definition for a Sensible Manufacturing Sequence
• Datum Feature Accessibility
• Refining and Optimizing Geometric Controls for Greater Yields
• The Two-Step Approach for Functionality and Cost Reduction
• Datum Features at Maximum Material Condition
• Equal vs. Unequal Airspace in Assemblies
• Two Single-Segment Positional Controls
• Moving Tolerance Zones within Stationary Tolerance Zones
• Composite vs. Two Single-Segment Positional Controls
• Separately Verifiable Controls
• Zero Positional Tolerancing at Maximum Material Condition

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