10 - Composite vs. Two Single Segment Controls for Position and Profile

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Lesson 10 of 12: Composite vs. Two Single-Segment Controls for Position and Profile

This 63 minute CD-ROM or DVD addresses a wide variety of new and complex geometric principles found in the latest revision of ASME Y14.5M-1994. The most sweeping change in this new standard is the redefinition of Composite Tolerancing and the added concept of Two Single-Segment Controls for Position and their extension to the concept of Profile Tolerancing. This session devotes its attention to thoroughly explaining each control, the rules, the differences and how they can accomplish geometric control never before available. It also employs the deductive reasoning skills of participants to logically deduce the meaning of these controls on complex part configurations. Topics discussed include:

• Composite Positional Tolerancing
• Feature Relating Tolerance Zone Frameworks
• Pattern Locating Tolerance Zone Frameworks
• The Dreaded Hypotenuse Effect
• Rotating Patterns of Tolerance Zones
• Composite Tolerancing and Orientation Only Datums
• Two Single-Segment Positional Controls
• Tighter Tolerances of Distance to One Datum Only
• The Essence of Position
• How to Keep One Set-up for Multiple Controls
• Position without Datums
• The Relative Strength of Various Geometric Characteristics
• Tolerance Zone Paths of Movement vs. Tolerance Zone Configurations
• ASME Y14.5M-1994 vs. ANSI Y14.5M-1982
• Deductive Reasoning on Complex Geometries
• Radial Hole Patterns
• Slots as Angular Orientation Datums
• The Logic of Geometric Tolerancing
• The Strict Rules of Composite Tolerancing
• Centerplane Datums and Their Set-up for Simulation
• The Essence of Profile
• Profile All-Around
• Composite Profile Tolerancing
• Multiple Tolerance Zones for Irregular Features
• Two-Single-Segment Profile Controls

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Studio(s): James D. Meadows

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