02 - Tolerancing Mating Parts in a Rotating Assembly

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Lesson 2 of 12: Tolerancing Mating Parts in a Rotating Assembly

This 63 minute CD-ROM or DVD is a powerful learn-while-doing training session.

While tolerancing a crankshaft and coupling assembly, Mr. Meadows discusses the following topics:

• Criteria for Optimum Datum Feature Selection
• Form Controls for Assembly and Inspection Repeatability
• Orientation Controls for Datum Feature Interrelationships
• The Definition and Use of Positional Controls
• How to Calculate and Distribute Tolerances throughout an Assembly
• Tolerancing for Assemblability and Balance
• The Difference between Bonus Tolerance and Pattern Shift
• The Effect of Maximum Material Condition Symbols after Datum Features of Size and Uniformity of Assembly Airspace and Balance in a Rotating Assembly
• Tolerancing Threaded Holes and the Use and Inspection of Projected Tolerance Zones
• What the Geometric Characteristics Really Control

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