06 - Profile, Flexible Parts and Datum Targets

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Lesson 6 of 12: Profile, Flexible Parts and Datum Targets

This 74 minute CD-ROM or DVD uses a wide variety of complex geometric configurations to show the viewer how to choose datums and tolerancing schemes for sheet metal and plastic parts as well as other parts with multiple curvatures and angles. It discusses free state variation and restrained versus free state inspection requirements. Topics discussed include:

• Profile of a Line
• Profile of a Surface
• Unilateral, Equal Bilateral and Unequal Bilateral Profile Tolerances
• Varying Tolerances from Segment to Segment on Surfaces
• Inspection Procedures for Profile Controls
• Basic Dimensions for Size, Shape, Angle, and Location Toleranced by Profile
• All Around and All Over Controls
• Eliminating Tolerance Accumulation
• Tolerancing Curved Mating Features for Fit
• Measuring Parts as They Function
• Implying a Manufacturing Sequence
• Simultaneous vs. Separate Gaging Requirements
• Pattern Shift with Simultaneous Requirements
• Orienting all Part Features to Each Other
• Amoebae Shaped Parts
• Fixturing and Stabilizing Parts in Presses
• Patterns of Features as Datums
• Compound Pattern Datums
• Poka-yoke (Foolproofing)
• Fixtures as Gages
• Functional Gage Tolerancing
• Datum Targets
• Points, Lines and Areas
• Dimension Origin Controls
• Step Datums
• Castings and Draft Angle
• Sheet Metal/Complex Flexible Parts
• Plastic Parts
• Restrained vs. Free State Requirements
• Boundary Concept
• Automobile Panels
• P.C. Boards

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