12 - Complex Tolerancing Using Various Datum Structures

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Lesson 12 of 12: Complex Tolerancing Using Various Datum Structures

This 73 minute CD-ROM or DVD explores a wide variety of datum structures for ease of set-up in manufacturing and inspection and optimal interrelationships of functional features. It discusses patterns of holes used to create datum reference frames. It demonstrates the enormous power of creating simultaneous gaging requirements.

Participants are taught to use geometric controls and datum structures to dimension
and tolerance complex curved surfaces that mate with other complex curvatures, while additional features such as holes and shafts must simultaneously mate.

Centerplane and centering mating features on parts in an assembly are also shown. All concepts are reinforced through problem solving using a logical approach to geometric tolerancing. Topics discussed include:

• Profile of a Surface on an Irregular Surface
• Positioning of Hole Patterns
• Datum Targets
• Direct vs. Indirect Relationships
• Patterns of Holes as Datum Features
• Virtual Condition Boundaries
• Unilateral Profile Tolerancing All-Around Controls
• Centroids of Revolution of Groups of Features
• Methods of Profile Inspection
• Secondary and Tertiary Datum Features of Size
• The Relative Power of Various Datum Structures
• Angular Orientation
• Compound Datum Features of Size vs. Secondary and Tertiary Datum Holes
• Datum Structuring for Ease of Inspection
• Fixturing and Gaging Visualization Techniques for Geometric Understanding
• Immobilizing all Spatial Degrees of Part Freedom
• The Power of Datum Precedence
• Gage Pin Configurations/Cylindrical vs. Diamond
• Compound Planar Datum Features
• Coplanarity
• Simultaneous Gaging Requirements to Gain Direct Geometric Relationships
• Creative Tolerancing Schemes for Ease of Inspection and Optimal Power of Interrelationship
• Indicating Specific Features for Clarity of Control
• Pattern Shift Because of Datum Features Referenced at Maximum Material Condition
• Separate Gaging Requirements
• Sequential Creation of Geometric Definitions
• Interrelating All Datum Features Before Using Them in Tandem

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