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04 - The Basics of Symbology

Lesson 4 of 12: The Basics of Symbology

This 46 minute CD-ROM or DVD covers the meaning of, and various inspection procedures for, controls of form, orientation, profile, runout and location. It addresses the basic questions of: "What does it mean?" and "How do I inspect it?" Topics discussed include:

• Straightness
• Flatness

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03 - Direct vs. Indirect Datum Structures

Lesson 3 of 12: Direct vs. Indirect Datum Structures

This 50 minute CD-ROM or DVD explores various datum structures and their effect on the availability of tolerances while tolerancing a three-part assembly. Topics discussed include

• Direct vs. Indirect Functional Relationships
• Tolerancing for Producibility and Functionality

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Tolerance Stack-Up Analysis : Chapter 8

•Two-single segment positional controls
•Creating envelopes of perfect orientation at MMC
•Switching datum reference frames and accumulating geometric tolerances
•Datum features at MMC (pattern shift)
•Envelopes of perfect form at MMC
•Datum planes vs. datum features
•Profile tolerances

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Tolerance Stack-Up Analysis : Chapter 11

•Gaussian Frequency Curve
•Standard Deviations
•Plus or Minus 3 Sigma
•Root Sum Square Formula
•Steps to Calculate and Apply Statistical Tolerances
•Statistical Tolerancing Applied to Plus and Minus Toleranced Assemblies
•Statistical Tolerancing Applied to Geometric Toleranced Assemblies

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Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing Complete Course

10 Hour Lecture from the Two and a half day course on Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing
Session 1: Introduction to GD&T and the Basic Principles
Session 2: Mating Part Tolerancing and Boundaries
Session 3: Tolerancing Rotating Parts in an Assembly
Session 4: Geometric Characteristic Symbology
Session 5: Mating Part Tolerancing Formulas and their Application...

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